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Jul 18
backyard firepit

Is your backyard the go-to spot for any neighborhood party? Are you frequently entertaining guests outside? Whether both are true or you’re simply looking for a way to spruce up your yard in general, adding a fire pit could be just the thing your backyard needs for a simple transformation and extra touch of coziness. Not sure where to start? Get inspired with these fire pit ideas for your yard.

The first question to ask yourself is whether you want the fire pit to be wood burning, gas, or propane. Before you decide, consider aspects like accessibility, cost, and storage. It’s also important to consider:

  • Do you have easy access to fire wood?
  • Is there a gas line already in your backyard?
  • Do you have some place safe to store propane? Or a spot designated to pile up wood for the fire?

Depending on your budget, wood could be cheaper than buying gas tanks. Think about whatever makes the most sense for you and your surroundings. After you decide on the fuel for your fire pit, the next decision to make is whether this will be a DIY-project or a store bought fire pit. Then, you can think about what the actual structure will look like.

If you’re tackling a DIY fire pit, here are some easy ways to create a stunning backyard centerpiece:

  • Create a circle of layered bricks for a classic fire pit look.
  • Make a stonewall fire pit that pairs perfectly with your garden.
  • For a modern look, create a fire pit in a steel box.
  • A concrete bowl filled with rocks to promote feelings of peace and tranquility.
  • Get a two-for-one deal with a fire pit that can also be transformed into a table when not in use.
  • Dig a hole and construct an in-ground fire pit directly in the ground.

Once you have settled on the design and structure, it’s time to decide where the fire pit will live in your yard. A fire pit can be the perfect centerpiece on a patio, especially if it doubles as a table. Place comfortable chairs around it so you can enjoy a meal followed by a bonfire with friends. In a grassy area, place the fire pit between two Adirondack chairs for a sweet retreat. If you have a pool, create a nook off to the side and place the fire pit in there as a space to chill during parties.

The options are truly endless when it comes to putting a fire pit in your yard. They come in all different shapes and sizes. The only restrictions lie in the amount of space you have and what type of vibe you want the fire pit to exude. For more backyard design ideas, contact Kimberly Paulus, a Sienna Plantation interior decorator.

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