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  • converted garage DIY

    Beat the Heat All Summer Long: Convert Your Garage Into a Pool House 

    Jun 25

      This post is brought to you by our friends at Blackline Renovations in Dallas, TX:  While we are enjoying our short spring here in North Texas, we all know that the heat of summer is not far away. Once the Texas temperatures begin their annual climb, you may find yourself wondering how to keep […]

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  • safe front doors

    How Installing Security Doors Can Protect Your Home

    Jun 24

    Protecting your home from intruders must be your prime duty. And if you fail in this task, you are surely going to be in deep trouble. Not just you, your entire family will be in trouble. Therefore, care less about your home’s outer and inner look, and care more about its safety. Home safety is […]

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  • walls with stripes

    The Secrets to Painting Stripes

    Jun 22

    Candy cane, zebra, barcode – stripes! Stripes have been around for over a hundred years. So why in recent years have they become a huge trend in interior decorating? More than ever, people are using this classic pattern as a way to liven up their living space. Busy patterns like polka-dots or floral prints can […]

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