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  • fall interior decor

    Bringing Nature Into Home Decor

    Sep 14

    Fall is a great time to refresh the look of your home. As a bonus, fall brings with it some of the most beautiful colors and elements found in nature that can be easily incorporated into your home design. Refresh the look of your interior space by inviting nature into your home. Use up-cycled wood […]

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  • Accent Furniture

    How To Make A Living Room Look Less Dated

    Jul 30

    A living room should be a space that is welcoming and full of life, but if you haven’t made changes to your space since in a while, it may be outdated and uninviting. Not everyone has room in their budget to re-do an entire room, but with these tips and trick you can give your […]

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  • furniture tipping

    Stats About Furniture Tipping

    Jul 28

    Every year, hundreds of children are hospitalized due to a furniture tipping accident. What’s worse, 84% of furniture tipping injuries that result in death involve a child under the age of 9. Educate yourself about the dangers of furniture tipping in order to prevent this danger from harming your child.

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