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  • relaxing bedroom

    Calming Paint Colors That Can Help With Sleep

    Jan 29

    Sleep is a necessity in order to be productive. One of the most underutilized and best ways to enhance your sleep and/or your ability to sleep is through the use of color in your bedroom. That’s right! The color of your room can play a major role in not only your ability to go to […]

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  • how to upgrade your mantle

    Give Your Fireplace a Facelift

    Jan 8

    Blizzards, polar vortexes, bomb cyclones – you name it. It doesn’t matter what type of winter storm or cold you’re weathering- sitting by the fireplace is the best way to stay warm. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time around your fireplace this winter, how about giving it a makeover? Here are five ways […]

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  • bathroom makeover

    4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeovers

    Dec 27

    There are many rooms in the home that can be upgraded with a fresh look in the new year. If you are a homeowner with a DIY attitude, perhaps you have tackled some of those projects in the past. One of the rooms that can often use the most as far as makeovers are concerned […]

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