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    Understanding Paint Estimates

    Aug 18

    When ordering the services of a professional paint contractor to re-paint your home, it’s always good to understand to the pricing estimate involved.  Typically, the quote given to you accurately reflects cost of materials plus time needed to complete the task, spread across the wage spectrum. Understand how paint pricing works by completing a rough [...]

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  • Clean Gutters

    Summer Gutter Cleaning

    Aug 8

    Although leaves remain on trees for a majority of the summer, there are still plenty of reasons why gutters should be cleaned throughout the summer months. Keeping gutters clean and free from clogs can ensure the safety of your home from water damage, as well as maintain the curb appeal of your home’s exterior. Read [...]

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  • exterior painting

    Painting In Heat & Humidity

    Jun 17

    Summer house painting projects can pose a challenge, especially when it comes to your homes exterior. Heat and humidity can cause these types of projects to turn into disasters.  Read on to discover how to counter the problems summer weather can cause and prevent them from damaging your home improvement project. High Temperatures: Painting the [...]

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