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  • Bedroom Painters Yakima

    Top 5 Home Improvement Projects for Winter

    Feb 25

    During the winter, people spend a lot of time indoors. Instead of feeling cooped up and suffering from cabin fever, look around your home and consider all of the improvements you can accomplish during this time that you normally wouldn’t want to think about doing when the weather is nice.  Here are some projects that’ll [...]

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  • Paint Color - Lilac Room

    Monochromatic Color Schemes That Work

    Feb 17

    Monochromatic color schemes make a bold statement when done right. By using a single color in various shades, you add drama and sophistication to any room. Reference a paint swatch to achieve a monochromatic color scheme that works. Paint swatches show you the same color in tones that range from rich and saturated to pale [...]

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  • Kitchen Interior Decorator

    Tried and True Kitchen Color Palettes

    Jan 8

    Appliances, counter tops, flooring and lighting are typically the major concerns of a kitchen. But what about the kitchen color? Color is the best way to create a cohesive space in a home and the kitchen poses the greatest challenge. Considering you want the color to pair well with other features like counter-tops and cabinets, [...]

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