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  • how to upgrade your mantle

    Give Your Fireplace a Facelift

    Jan 8

    Blizzards, polar vortexes, bomb cyclones – you name it. It doesn’t matter what type of winter storm or cold you’re weathering- sitting by the fireplace is the best way to stay warm. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time around your fireplace this winter, how about giving it a makeover? Here are five ways […]

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  • bathroom makeover

    4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeovers

    Dec 27

    There are many rooms in the home that can be upgraded with a fresh look in the new year. If you are a homeowner with a DIY attitude, perhaps you have tackled some of those projects in the past. One of the rooms that can often use the most as far as makeovers are concerned […]

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  • organizing this holiday

    Easy Winter Home Improvement Ideas

    Dec 19

    As the weather gets colder and the snow begins to fall, it seems that more of our time is spent indoors. After all, what’s better than being wrapped up in a warm blanket, hot chocolate in hand and a holiday movie on TV?  While this scenario is always enjoyable, there are plenty of things to […]

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