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  • Paint Brush

    Picking the Perfect Paint Finish

    May 26

    You’ve got your paint brushes, rollers, and tarps. You’ve picked the perfect paint color. Now it’s time to get painting, right?  Wrong.  When it comes to choosing paint, there’s more than just the color choice to think about. The paint’s finish will have a large impact on the look of your room. Here are some […]

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  • easy clean

    Designing A Home That’s Easy To Clean

    May 15

    Owning a home comes with a fair share of cleaning. We’ve all been there – moving furniture to and fro in order to get every nook and cranny of your home clean. Perhaps you’ve considered purging your home of all of your belongings, keeping only the necessities so as to make cleaning simpler. Or maybe […]

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  • cats and dogs

    Designing A Home That’s Safe For Pets

    May 9

    Our pets are more than animals – they are part of our families. When you consider the way your home is designed, you might think that it meets your standards, but what about the needs and desires of your pet? These decorating tips will help transform your home into an environment you and your pet […]

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