Simple Landscaping Upgrades

Jun 28

Homeowners tend to put off upgrading our landscape because this is often the most tedious and time-consuming aspect of home maintenance. Fortunately, there are simple ways to achieve transformational results in your backyard. Try these simple landscaping upgrades to completely renew your outdoor space this summer.

  • Window Boxes. Window boxes, also known as window sill planters, are a great way to add color to the exterior of your house. Whether you purchase pre-made window boxes or build them specifically for your home, they are a simple and foolproof way to add interest to your landscape. Plant colorful flowers like ranunculus, peonies, and sunflowers to enjoy throughout the summer season.
  • Fire Pits.  An outdoor fire pit creates an inviting gathering space for your family and friends. With improved fabrication, they have become increasingly more manageable to maintain and enjoy. Buying a pre fabricated fire pit is a simple and exciting way to spruce up your backyard – you can find a variety of colors, styles, and sizes at your local hardware store.
  • Led Lighting. LED lights are low maintenance and use 90% less energy that regular lights. They add practicality, safety, and style to your outdoor space. Use them in your garden to emphasize your landscaping, or to line pathways to highlight your entire yard.
  • Defined Areas. According to Deanna Kovach, a Dover, DE interior decorator, the arrangement of your outdoor furniture makes a huge impact on your yard. Define specific seating areas by the positioning of the furniture you already own, or by buying new statement pieces. Designate a play area with storage for toys, a shaded lounge area, a cooking area, and a dining area. By defining and organizing the spaces of your yard, you will increase the overall look and functionality of the landscape.
  • Garden Paths. If you have a large yard, create a pathway through the space with small rocks or stone pavers. This is a great way to add sophistication and organization to an untamed garden area, or for a property that lines up with a forested area.
  • Architectural Details. Adding architectural details to your backyard is a simple way to add to the overall style and feel of the landscape. Try adding a gazebo, pergola, or trellis to your yard to increase your wow factor. Sculptural pieces are also a simple way to achieve the same effect.

You don’t need an entire landscaping makeover to achieve the feel of a new yard. By upgrading your landscape, you are improving what you already have with a fresh look and new accessories. Truly enjoy the time you spend in your own yard with these simple landscaping upgrades.

This post brought to you by Sam Costanzo, Bucks County, PA mason contractors.

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