How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Kitchen

Jul 10
kitchen upgrades

The meeting place for friends and family, the kitchen is often the most popular space in the house. Ensure that the gathering space feels inviting by incorporating color in the kitchen. Some things to consider before choosing your paint color:

  • Existing color. When choosing a paint color for your kitchen, keep in mind the overall color scheme of your flooring and cabinets. Do you want to keep the color palette consistent in undertones, or create more contrast with the wall color?
  • Floor plan. If your kitchen opens up into your main living area, it’s important to coordinate these areas. Treat them as one space when planning your paint colors.
  • Light. For most homeowners, the lighter and brighter the kitchen, the more inviting it feels. Choose paint colors that reflect – not absorb – light, and showcase the windows to bring in natural brightness.
  • Mood. Orange colors stimulate appetite, which can help picky eaters at dinnertime. Those who have a problem staying away from the kitchen should consider blue paint since it suppresses appetites. Red and yellow both stimulate energy and improved moods, so either of these colors work well in the kitchen.

Make the most of your kitchen by bringing in colors that reflect your personality and create an inviting space for your family to hang out and share meals.

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