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organizing this holiday
Dec 19

Easy Winter Home Improvement Ideas

As the weather gets colder and the snow begins to fall, it seems that more of our time is spent indoors. After all, what’s better than being wrapped up in a warm blanket, hot chocolate in hand and a holiday movie on TV?  While this scenario is always enjoyable, there are plenty of things to […]

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energy efficient windows
Feb 9

Window Treatments That Save Energy

Window treatments are a home accessory that many people don’t give much consideration to. They may seem like a decorative barrier between your home’s interior and the outside world, but the right window treatments can actually make your windows more energy efficient! Window accessories help to keep our homes cooler in summer and warmer in […]

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Jan 10

Best Ways To Save Energy In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is an area of your home that consumes the highest amount of energy. Between all of the cooking, washing, cleaning, and storing fo food, home energy costs are on the rise each year due to kitchen use. Discover some for the best ways to help reduce your energy bill in the new year […]

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bay window cleaning tips
Jul 26

Routine Maintenance Tips for Windows and Doors

You may think the only care your windows and doors need is a good wipe down once a week. On the contrary, both need routine maintenance, and skimping on this could lead to reduced energy efficiency and higher electricity bills. Luckily, regular maintenance and cleaning of your windows and doors can prolong their efficiency and lifespan. Follow […]

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Garden Solar Lighting
Jun 15

Make Your Home Shine With Solar Lighting

  As you already know, lighting plays a key role in creating a pleasant and esthetically beautiful interior and exterior design of your home. When choosing the manner in which you will illuminate your home and garden, beside the cost and performance, you should also think about the efficiency and eco-friendliness of the lighting system. […]

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Paint Brush
Mar 11

Eco-Friendly Interior Designs

Eco-friendly materials aim to reduce pollutants and improve the home environment.  Since many people spend their time indoors when at home, investing in eco-friendly interior design allows people to create a beautiful home environment that is safe. Companies now provide plenty of eco-friendly options for those wanting to improve their home and their health by […]

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Jun 3

The Benefits of Retractable Screen Doors for your Home

A home doesn’t feel right if you are kept inside without any sunlight coming in day after day. When the sun is shining through, you can feel better, especially with retractable screen doors that allow the sun to come in. Any home can benefit from a retractable screen door, whether it is a single family […]

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May 7

AC Energy Saving Tips

With summer in our sights, you might be starting to stress about turning your air conditioning unit on again. Hot weather doesn’t have to equal high a/c bills, though. Here are some tips to save on your air conditioning energy bill this summer. Make sure the sensitivity settings are on so the thermostat doesn’t go […]

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green cleaning
Apr 1

Green Cleaning Tips for the Home or Office

Cleaning products are everywhere in homes and offices. We use them for floors, dishes, furniture, windows, and even our bodies. Many of the old petroleum-based cleaning products have shown to have numerous health and environmental risks. While they may be powerful, there are more eco-friendly ways to get your home or facility clean and do […]

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spray foam insultation
Feb 24

Insulation: Spray Foam vs. Traditional Fiberglass

Most homes have traditional fiberglass insulation because it’s inexpensive and has been the most popular option for years. However, a new type of insulation has entered the market and become more popular because of what it offers homeowners. It’s called “spray foam insulation” and it’s making a buzz around the house market. Spray foam does […]

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