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bathroom makeover
Dec 27

4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeovers

There are many rooms in the home that can be upgraded with a fresh look in the new year. If you are a homeowner with a DIY attitude, perhaps you have tackled some of those projects in the past. One of the rooms that can often use the most as far as makeovers are concerned […]

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kitchen trends
Feb 17

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Trends 2017

Home improvement expenditures are expected to soar to a whopping $317 billion this year, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity, a report generated by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. Essentially, this means that more homeowners are pulling the trigger on home improvement projects. Are you one of them? Kitchens […]

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protecting pipes this winter
Dec 1

Protecting Your Plumbing This Winter

Every year, winter brings dozens of seasonal challenges to homeowners around the world. There’s nothing more unexpected (and difficult to handle) than winter plumbing problems. As the cooler months arrive, use these three tips to help in preparing your home for winter. Prevent Frozen Pipes. When the temperatures drop below freezing, it’s not uncommon for unprepared homeowners […]

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Sep 23

Ask An Expert: Tub Troubles

Reader Pamela asked: We tried to DIY to clean out old tub drain at our first home we just purchased. We stuck an iron hanger down the drain with a small hook on the end. It entered fine and went all the way in. Sadly now it is stuck. It won’t come back out. Any […]

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marion, il interior decorator
Apr 23

Top Five Bathroom Accessories

A bathroom is one of the most unfurnished rooms in any home. Accessorizing your bathroom helps give life to the space. Incorporate these must-have accessories into your bathroom décor and watch your space transform into a new and polished look. Mirrors:  Besides their basic reflective benefits for personal grooming, mirrors can be a focal point […]

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