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  1. Home Improvement Topics. We welcome posts about anything home improvement related, from interior decorating and painting to construction and repairs.
  2. Quality, English Writing. Our audience consists of homeowners in the United States. If your writing isn’t native English, your article won’t be published on our site. Posts shouldn’t be overly promotional – they should speak generally to an audience of homeowners looking for advice. Posts should also read fluidly – include and introduction and a conclusion.
  3. Word Count. We’re not picky. Just keep it over 500 words.
  4. Unique Content. Your article must be original, meaning it hasn’t been published and will not be published anywhere else.
  5. Graphics. Each post must include at least one image to which you own the rights. No copyright infringement (graphics or content) please. Please attach the graphics separately as jpegs.
  6. Links. You are welcome to link out to one website within the article. Please create the hyperlinks within the document; do not type out the HTML.

Click here to email us your post and pictures. PLEASE do not send an email pitching your topic.  Just send the article.

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