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Flint Painters
Dec 14

Faux Finishes For The New Year

As wallpaper declined in popularity, different faux painting techniques emerged to create texture on walls instead. The faux finish trend has become very popular in recent years and allows you to create a variety of looks in your home. Try these faux painting techniques in your home for a completely unique design! Marbleizing – This technique […]

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Paint Brush
May 26

Picking the Perfect Paint Finish

You’ve got your paint brushes, rollers, and tarps. You’ve picked the perfect paint color. Now it’s time to get painting, right?  Wrong.  When it comes to choosing paint, there’s more than just the color choice to think about. The paint’s finish will have a large impact on the look of your room. Here are some […]

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safe front doors
Sep 29

3 Simple Projects to Help Sell Your Home

With today’s tough financial conditions and experts predicting another difficult year for the housing market, the idea of finding a buyer for your home can appear challenging. Your home may be the ideal rational purchase for many potential buyers, but human beings are often irrational – we can find ourselves being turned off by the […]

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white textured walls
Jun 8

Textured White Paints

White is the color of fresh, but many think of a white wall as plain and unimaginative.  Meoded has an answer for that and has created lines of specialty textured paints and 3D walls that add a touch of elegance to any room without overpowering it. The experts at Norman, OK Painters say that white is […]

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classroom paint colors
May 16

Ideal Classroom Colors

As a teacher, the color of your classroom might not ever cross your mind. You’re probably more concerned with the educational posters and classroom artwork you hang on the walls, but did you know that the color of your classroom can have a huge impact on learning? Many studies state that color has a significant […]

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home improvement painting picture
Nov 24

Painting Myths Busted By The Pros

Can you paint a straight line without tape? Do you dare paint your walls a dark charcoal color or black? These painting myths are just that – myths – and only a professional painter or years of personal painting experience can provide you with the answers. Here are some of the most popular painting myths, […]

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Paint Brush
Nov 18

6 Reasons to Paint Your Home Right Now

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about painting your home for quite some time, or perhaps you haven’t even considered it. A fresh coat of paint can breathe life into a home in as little as two coats. So what are you waiting for? Here are six reasons you should paint your home right now. You can […]

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Painters Hand
Jul 17

How To Cut-In Like A Pro

Painting is not just limited to taking a paint roller to a wall; there are things like wall prep and proper technique to think about. For instance, cutting-in is a step that people don’t think much about when attempting to paint their space. Cutting-in is the process of using a paintbrush to paint tight spaces, […]

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Fox Valley Painters
Jul 14

Finding A Painting Contractor

If you have been thinking about redoing the paint color in your home, you may be considering tackling the project yourself. While a small, DIY project is feasible for a homeowner, when it comes to the big projects, like painting a ceiling or the entire exterior of a home,  the best option is to find […]

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Bedroom Painters Yakima
Feb 25

Top 5 Home Improvement Projects for Winter

During the winter, people spend a lot of time indoors. Instead of feeling cooped up and suffering from cabin fever, look around your home and consider all of the improvements you can accomplish during this time that you normally wouldn’t want to think about doing when the weather is nice.  Here are some projects that’ll […]

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