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Clean Gutters
Aug 8

Summer Gutter Cleaning

Although leaves remain on trees for a majority of the summer, there are still plenty of reasons why gutters should be cleaned throughout the summer months. Keeping gutters clean and free from clogs can ensure the safety of your home from water damage, as well as maintain the curb appeal of your home’s exterior. Read […]

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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
Sep 30

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

For years, most conventional cleaning products – from soaps and detergents to polishers and bleaching agents – were manufactured full of chemicals; but they work, so homeowners use them on a regular basis without a second thought. Well now you can think twice. You no longer have to subject your family to toxic chemicals to […]

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RRP Certification
Mar 27

The Dangers of Lead Dust

Children exposed to lead for extended periods of time can develop learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and diminished intelligence. This is especially dangerous because symptoms rarely present until the damage has already been done. Since childrens’ bodies absorb lead more easily than adults, it impacts children more profoundly. Adults who inhale lead dust may suffer reproductive […]

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Roofing damage and repair
Jan 31

How To Fix a Hole in Your Roof

The purpose of a roof is to protect and weather-proof the structure and interior of your home. No matter how well you maintain your roof or how sturdy it is, it is very likely at some point you will get a leak. It can seem like a disaster, but most holes can be easily repaired […]

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home improvement painting picture
Jan 3

Keys to an Organized Home Renovation

Home renovations are stressful by nature. Large scale projects (where most of the house is under construction) can make it hard to stay on top of things. Save yourself time, money, and aggravation by getting organized. Follow these tips to ensure you take control of the chaos: Plan ahead: Always be one step ahead of […]

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FCI hardwood floors
Dec 31

How to Maintain Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are a great addition to any home, but they are not cheap, so take care of your investment to ensure they continue to look brand new. Keep your floors looking their best for years to come by following these hardwood floor maintenance tips: Vacuum once a week. Fine grit (found in dust) can […]

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Water Damage
Dec 14

How To Clean Your House After Water Damage

Cleaning your house after water damage is crucial. You need to sanitize your place right away not only to eliminate germs but also odor. Letting your house soak into water can create a lot of hassles and dangers, as it will attract viruses and mold growth. You can make your house spotless and odor-free after […]

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