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nature home design
Sep 21

Using Nature In Your Decorating

Nature has a calming and refreshing presence that many homeowners seek to capture in their home design. Through the right use of color, fabric, and accessories, bringing the outdoors into your home decor is simple. Whether you go bold with plant arrangements, unobtrusive with natural colors, or abstract with plant inspired objects, there’s a method […]

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Aug 11

Kitchen Design Through The Years

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and over the years its design and layout have changed quite a bit. Once existing as a purely functional place to cook meals and wash dishes, kitchens have evolved into a space for families and friends to gather and a place to showcase design. Over time, kitchen […]

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Aug 3

Creating A Coffee Nook In Your Home

Are you one of the millions of people who can’t start their morning without a good cup of coffee? Running out to the nearest coffee shop isn’t always an easy feat. There could be traffic, long lines, or the chance of the barista messing up your order. It’s moments like these where you wonder, why […]

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backyard upgrades
Jun 21

Decorating Your Backyard

We tend to use our backyards more during the summer months to host guests, prepare family meals, and relax. With all the cookouts and hangouts, it can be hard to create a space that stands out from the rest the yards across the nation. Transform your backyard this summer with these not-so-cookie-cutter design ideas. Add […]

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backyard upgrades
Jun 5

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Backyard

Backyard season is finally here! The sun is starting to stay out longer and the weather is starting to turn, which means homeowners across America will start spending more of their time outdoors. Whether you’re looking to amplify your backyard’s personality or haven’t touched the yard since you moved in, these simple upgrades will turn […]

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Paint Brush
May 26

Picking the Perfect Paint Finish

You’ve got your paint brushes, rollers, and tarps. You’ve picked the perfect paint color. Now it’s time to get painting, right?  Wrong.  When it comes to choosing paint, there’s more than just the color choice to think about. The paint’s finish will have a large impact on the look of your room. Here are some […]

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easy clean
May 15

Designing A Home That’s Easy To Clean

Owning a home comes with a fair share of cleaning. We’ve all been there – moving furniture to and fro in order to get every nook and cranny of your home clean. Perhaps you’ve considered purging your home of all of your belongings, keeping only the necessities so as to make cleaning simpler. Or maybe […]

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cats and dogs
May 9

Designing A Home That’s Safe For Pets

Our pets are more than animals – they are part of our families. When you consider the way your home is designed, you might think that it meets your standards, but what about the needs and desires of your pet? These decorating tips will help transform your home into an environment you and your pet […]

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Apr 26

How To Find Design Inspiration On Pinterest

We’ve been told that design inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places, even if we aren’t looking for it. Sometimes, though, it feels like everything around you has been done before, or you’ve tried to incorporate that trend into your home with little to no luck. Fortunately, the internet can help! Pinterest […]

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gallery wall
Apr 21

How To Create A Gallery Wall

Displaying your favorite artworks, family photos, and vacation mementos is one of the best parts of owning a home. Gallery walls give us the opportunity to inject our personalities into our homes in a creative and tasteful manner. Whether you want to recreate the feel of a swanky Chelsea gallery or simply have a serious […]

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