Calming Paint Colors That Can Help With Sleep

Jan 29
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Sleep is a necessity in order to be productive.

One of the most underutilized and best ways to enhance your sleep and/or your ability to sleep is through the use of color in your bedroom. That’s right! The color of your room can play a major role in not only your ability to go to sleep, but your ability to get a proper night’s rest. Discover how small changes in your home decor can improve the way you sleep. 

  • Use colors that have relaxing qualities. When it comes to the color of your walls, focus on colors that calm and create a sense of relaxation. The best colors to induce this kind of mindset are earth tones in soft, muted shades. Blue is certainly one of the most utilized bedroom paint colors, but it is not necessarily the right color for everyone. From a rich, deep navy to the soothing shade of turquoise, blue is an excellent and calming choice for your bedroom paint color.
  • Avoid harsh, bright colors. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are painting their bedrooms is using vibrantly intense colors. These colors can automatically increase the amount of energy in the room, which is the wrong type of sensation you want to evoke in a space that’s supposed to be relaxing. These colors can work against your sleep patterns and even affect your sleep quality. Avoid using colors like red, orange, yellow, or any other vibrant color that is going to bring energy into your bedroom.
  • Paint everything – even the ceiling! While it might be tempting to paint the ceiling white to achieve a larger looking room, doing so can actually work against a healthy night’s sleep. If you are looking to get better and much more quality sleep, completely avoid painting any of the bedroom white. Like bright colors, white is a stimulating and energetic color that can make it hard to catch a good night’s sleep. Painting your ceiling the same color as the walls (or a shade lighter or darker) is one of the best things that you can do to improve the quality of your sleep.

Overall, there’s plenty that can be done to maximize your ability to get restful sleep each and every night. Goodnight and good luck!

For more bedroom styling tips, contact the Valley Design Team, a group of Chagrin Falls, OH interior decorators.

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