Give Your Fireplace a Facelift

Jan 8
how to upgrade your mantle

Blizzards, polar vortexes, bomb cyclones – you name it. It doesn’t matter what type of winter storm or cold you’re weathering- sitting by the fireplace is the best way to stay warm. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time around your fireplace this winter, how about giving it a makeover? Here are five ways you can give your fireplace a facelift:

  1. Paint it. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to update your fireplace. If you have a brick fireplace, all it takes is a little elbow grease and the color of your choice. For a versatile look that works in homes with coastal vibes or contemporary styles, whitewash the brick.
  2. Create an accent wall. Fireplaces are an automatic focal point in any room. Make them pop even more by creating an accent wall behind them. The whole wall doesn’t need repainting – the experts of Salisbury, NC painters say you can simply paint the space surrounding the fireplace to make it really stand out. This can be done with a bold or dark paint color that compliments the rest of the room. Take it a step further and create a tiled mosaic or a texturized wall.
  3. Replace the brick. There’s no rule that says a fireplace must be surrounded by brick. Tile, marble, stone and concrete also look amazing around the fireplace. This can be accomplished by fully removing the brick, or it can be as simple as getting stick on tiles to place on top of it. If you don’t feel comfortable taking this on as a DIY project, you can have an interior decorator help you plan the space properly.
  4. Leave space for storage. Give your fireplace more than one purpose by surrounding it with storage options.  From open shelving to hidden shelving units, cabinets, decorative pillars, and columns, shelves are great for displaying special photographs, artwork, collectibles and classic books. Your home’s personality can shine with how you choose to decorate the area surrounding your fireplace.
  5. Don’t forget to consider in and around the fireplace. The mantle of the fireplace is another great way to make your fireplace a unique focal point. Remember that there is beauty in minimalism – don’t clutter your mantle with too many objects. Keep it simple with a few mementos and decorative elements. If your mantle is in shape, work on updating your hearth instead. You can put down new tile, wood or brick to separate your fireplace from the rest of your flooring. Lastly, what do you have going on inside of the fireplace? Is it full of logs you never light? Completely empty? Clean it up there. Display a few logs on a stand or place differently sized candlesticks in there if you don’t plan on lighting a fire anytime soon so that the space doesn’t seem like a void in the room.

A fireplace facelift can be a small project or a full remodel. It all depends on your budget and what you’re trying to accomplish. The end results will have you grabbing a blanket and a cup of tea to cozy up beside your fresh fireplace immediately. For more help warming your home with decor this winter, contact Barbara Tabak, a Mechanicsburg interior decorator.


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