How To Incorporate Vegan Design In Your Home

Nov 10
vegan home design

Our homes are one of the most intimate spaces we share with others. As such, they serve as a reflection of who we are. And as a vegan, you want your home decor to fit in with the rest of the lifestyle choices that you make. Here are some of the best ways to start implementing vegan decor into your home.

  • Find friendly alternatives. If your goal is to incorporate vegan furnishings and decor throughout your home, you’ll want to avoid traditional furniture coverings like leather, suede, wool, and silk. Maybe you’re in love with your leather couch – you love the look, but hate the fact that it’s made from parts of an animal. Fear not! There are a ton of alternatives to your favorite textiles and design elements. No matter what area of your home you’re looking to transform into a vegan paradise, you’ll be able to find easy-to-clean options that are comfortable and stylish. In the bedroom, explore vegan bedding. Many bedding elements use wool, down, or silk. While these products provide ultimate comfort, there are less expensive and more durable vegan options available! Look into fabrics like tencel, bamboo, or cotton for your bedspread.
  • Don’t get rid of everything. Incorporating vegan design into your home doesn’t mean you have to completely scrap everything you own and start redecorating from scratch. Spend time taking an inventory of the items you have that aren’t vegan and considering what they can be replaced with. Do you have silk throw pillows on your couch? Consider a bamboo or burlap throw pillow instead. Is there a family heirloom you can’t part with? Keep it! Taking the time to carefully select the items you want to replace and keep will help make the process of transitioning to vegan design simpler and more cost effective.
  • Choose sustainable styles. Environmentally friendly materials like sustainable and reclaimed wood are ideal for creating a more natural, vegan environment in your house. You can use sustainable materials in almost every room in your home. From dressers to bed frames, dining room tables, buffets, and book shelves, you can find almost any piece of furniture made from an eco-friendly source of wood.
  • Commit! Living a vegan lifestyle doesn’t just apply to what you eat and how you design your home. It covers so much more. From cruelty-free cleaning products to growing your own fruits and vegetables in your backyard and entertaining with ethics, following a vegan lifestyle is all encompassing.

Use these cruelty-free decor ideas throughout your home to fully embrace vegan design! For more helpful tips, contact Walden Interiors, a vegan interior designer in Millburn, NJ.

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