Using Nature In Your Decorating

Sep 21
nature home design

Nature has a calming and refreshing presence that many homeowners seek to capture in their home design. Through the right use of color, fabric, and accessories, bringing the outdoors into your home decor is simple. Whether you go bold with plant arrangements, unobtrusive with natural colors, or abstract with plant inspired objects, there’s a method for incorporating the natural world throughout every room of the home. Here are some tips on how to achieve a relaxing, natural vibe in your interior design.

  • Use plants in every room. The most literal way to bring the outdoors inside is to arrange plants around your home. Use potted succulents and flowers to spruce up coffee tables and kitchen counters. To fill in blank corners in living and dining rooms, decorate with a potted fern. Having plants in your home will improve the air quality as well as help you feel less stressed and anxious. Be mindful of the care required to maintain the plants to keep them looking their best.
  • Accent with faux elements. Another way to incorporate natural elements is to decorate your home with faux natural decor. Add a twisted branch to a desk or a dried starfish to a bookshelf. Hang a small set of antlers on the wall or get a piece of original pressed flower art to add some floral decor to your space. Adding these elements to rooms without windows is especially important to help make the space feel more open, inviting, and comfortable.
  • Include nature motifs. Add pillows and wall decor to your home that feature nature motifs like trees, leaves, and other foliage. Patterns that highlight flora and fauna bring nature to you, even if they are abstract interpretations. Using nature motifs can also help elevate the level of sophistication in your space.
  • Add a pop of color. Sometimes adding a splash of color is enough to bring the outdoors in. Try adding a green wall to your living room or adding splashes of brown, gray, and cream as accent colors. The pros of Merrick, NY house painters recommend using colors you see on a daily basis in nature. If you live in a rural setting, a combination of blue, green, and brown hues will capture the essence of nature in your neighborhood, whereas if you like in an urban setting, your natural palette will consist of more neutral colors like gray and tan. Branch out into different color palettes inspired by your favorite nature scene.
  • Incorporate unexpected centerpieces. Creating centerpieces with natural elements is a great way to subtly include natural elements in your home. Using tree branches, large leaves, sand, or rocks to fill a simple vase can help add texture and natural appeal to your home.
  • Introduce an accent wall. Incorporating a stone accent wall into your home’s interior is a great way to let nature in and modernize your decor. Choose a wall in a living, dining, or entertaining space to have stone installed. With so many sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, you’ll be able to easily work this look into any existing design you may have. Stone also works wonders in the kitchen as a backsplash!
  • Amplify with wood furnishings. Using wood elements can add character to your space while evoking the simplicity and warmth of the outdoors. Look for wooden tabletops, floors, wall decor, or other elements to add to your home. In addition to fitting in with a natural theme, these furniture pieces tend to last longer, as they are often of a better quality than other traditional furnishings.

Breathe new life into your home with these nature-inspired ideas! For more help incorporating natural elements into your home decor, contact Jennifer Jones, The Woodlands Interior Decorator.

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