Creating A Coffee Nook In Your Home

Aug 3

Are you one of the millions of people who can’t start their morning without a good cup of coffee? Running out to the nearest coffee shop isn’t always an easy feat. There could be traffic, long lines, or the chance of the barista messing up your order. It’s moments like these where you wonder, why can’t I just bring the coffee shop to my house? Now you can! Here are tips on creating a coffee nook in your home.

Start with the machinery. What’s a coffee nook without a coffee maker? Determine the type of coffee pot you want: single cup, drip, espresso machine or French press. The size of the coffee pot you choose plays a role in the location of the coffee nook.

Choose the setup. An old bar cart makes the perfect coffee nook. On top, you can place the coffee maker, creamers, and sugar. On the shelves underneath, you can display your favorite mugs. If you don’t have enough space for a bar cart, tuck your coffee nook away in a cabinet. Readjust the shelving inside the cabinet so the coffee maker fits in there, as well as the mugs, creamers, stirrers, and sugar. Give the shelves the capability of being pulled out for easy access. If you want it to be in plain sight, remove the cabinet door or insert a glass panel.

Liven up the space. It’s time for a fresh coat of paint. If you are using an old cart as the nook, think about making the wall behind it an accent wall. A pop of color would work well if your kitchen is already a neutral shade. You could also paint and stain the cart itself. Blues, reds, greens, and yellows are all inviting colors that work well in a kitchen, according to the experts at Chesapeake house painters.

Use empty wall space. Whether you’re using a cart or a countertop to house your coffee nook, utilize the space above it and hang shelves. Any mug lover should, without doubt, consider this idea. Not only can you set up your mug collection on the shelves, you can place hooks underneath them to hang mugs for a true coffee shop vibe. Shelves are also good for stacking plates and adding extra flair to the area.

Make it your own. Create an assortment of vintage canisters to hold your coffee additives. Frame a quote you like that fits in with your special space and love for coffee. Add a wireless speaker that can play your favorite coffee house tunes while you curl up with your cup of Joe or get to work. Make a stack of books. Whether they’re something you want to read, are an old favorite, or you just want them there for decoration, your coffee nook doesn’t have to be coffee and cream alone.

When you create a coffee nook in your home, you’re replicating the cozy feelings and aromas you get while sitting in your favorite coffee shop right inside your house. Plus, it’s an easy project to tackle! Think about how you want to design your very own coffee nook over your next cup of coffee, and for more help with coffee nook design, reach out to Theresa Gionesi, a Long Island, NY interior decorator.

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