Alternatives To Landscaping Around Your Pool

Jun 22

Complex gardens and lawns require high maintenance and often do not offer as much functionality, especially when they’re situated around your pool. That is why we came up with these simple landscaping suggestions that are practical, simple, and low maintenance.

  • Concrete Pavers. This decorative option allows you to add style to your outdoor space. Pavers can be made of stone, tile, brick, or brick-like pieces of concrete. They vary in size and shape, allowing you the freedom to choose the color and style that best suits your yard. In addition to transforming your entire yard aesthetically, pavers are practical as well. Most are non-slip and easy to maintain, creating a safer and cleaner way to enjoy your backyard pool.
  • Flagstone. A flagstone patio is also a great addition to the décor of any backyard; it is multifunctional and can diversify the ways in which you use your backyard space.  Flagstone is a durable and naturally slip-resistant material that will last for years, making it perfect to use for decorating around your pool. It comes in a variety of organic colors, making it easy to decorate with outdoor furniture.
  • Rockscape. Rockscaping is a great way to get the look of an organic landscape without the maintenance of gardening. Incorporating rocks into your yard adds texture and contrast, increasing the interest of the space. Like mulch, it provides durable ground coverage but requires little to no maintenance. Sylvie Farrell, a Chappaqua, NY interior decorator, suggests using beach pebbles for warmth, or white marble chips to add brightness to shaded areas.
  • Soil Retention Wall. A retaining wall is a great way to transform the landscape of your backyard space. When planning a retaining wall, keep in mind which area of the yard you want to enclose and with what material. Choose a contrasting material from your patio for a more interesting look, or match all the stone in your yard for a streamlined feel. A retaining wall is a great way to designate patio areas around your pool for seating.

Decorating around the pool doesn’t have to be tricky and time-consuming. Remember to coordinate the type of materials used in each landscaping feature to emphasize the style of the area as a whole. These alternatives to traditional landscaping will increase the functionality and value of your backyard space, allowing you to enjoy it’s beauty all summer long.

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