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Jun 21
backyard upgrades

We tend to use our backyards more during the summer months to host guests, prepare family meals, and relax. With all the cookouts and hangouts, it can be hard to create a space that stands out from the rest the yards across the nation. Transform your backyard this summer with these not-so-cookie-cutter design ideas.

  • Add a “wow” factor. No backyard is complete without the presence of a “wow” factor. If you host a lot of dinner parties, an outdoor kitchen is a great and functional backyard addition you’ll get a lot of use out of. Are you more into the cocktail aspect of entertaining? Transform your backyard into a personal beer garden. This is a great way to get friends together and spend time outside for an event other than a BBQ.  If your home hosts a lot of kid-friendly parties, convert your backyard into an outdoor movie theater. A projector and a bed sheet can create a memorable summer of movie watching in your own backyard. To create your own movie screen, tack a white bed sheet to the side of your house. You can also purchase a screen projector stand that you can store and set up more easily.
  • Light the summer night. The importance of outdoor lighting cannot be emphasized enough. LED lights have become extremely popular in the outdoor decorating world, as they are a simple and cost-effective way to increase the functionality of your outdoor space without detracting from your overall style. Place small LED lights inside of mason jars to create a farm style effect. The Colella Design Team, a group of White Plains, NY interior decorators, recommend stringing lights from tree branches to create an inter-galactic, starry atmosphere. LED candles are also a great way to add lighting and style without the maintenance! Place LED candles around your outdoor dining table to illuminate the area when hosting dinner parties.
  • Amplify with art. Truly transform your backyard into a unique space by displaying interesting art pieces. Sculptures are perfect works for displaying outdoors. Look for something made of natural materials that complement the décor and color scheme of your backyard. Stone and metal sculptures are extremely durable and do well in the outdoors. Have a long exterior fence? Decorate it with some wall hanging art, or create a DIY project by hanging unique vintage objects. As these objects endure the outdoor weather, they become increasingly interesting and distinctive. Adding art to your backyard is a simple and foolproof way to immediately add unique interest to your outdoor space.

Summertime is the time to be outdoors. No matter what design element you choose to focus on, enjoy the time you spend outback this summer!  This post brought to you by Triumph Building Group, custom home builders in Montgomery County, PA.

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