7 Ways To Upgrade Your Backyard

Jun 5
backyard upgrades

Backyard season is finally here! The sun is starting to stay out longer and the weather is starting to turn, which means homeowners across America will start spending more of their time outdoors. Whether you’re looking to amplify your backyard’s personality or haven’t touched the yard since you moved in, these simple upgrades will turn your backyard into the ultimate hangout spot this summer.

  1. Revive your deck. Decks tend to lose color as time passes and can start to look dull and worn out. When it comes to reviving your deck, the easiest solution is pressure washing. This technique will remove all the dirt and mildew, preparing your deck for some sanding and a fresh coat of protective stain. If your deck is in need of a new coat of stain, contact the professionals at Bowie painters.
  2. Regenerate your lawn. Has your lawn seen better days? Does it have bald spots where children play too much or in places that don’t get enough water? Now is the best time to solve that problem and welcome summer with a lush lawn. The best way to do that is to cut out the dead patches and apply new turf or sprinkle new grass. Make sure your new grass matches your lawn for a clean and seamless look.
  3. Add luxury with a fire pit. If you want to turn your outdoor space into the social hub of your home, install a fire pit! When you pair it with plush, comfy furniture and the right outdoor decor, you’ll never want to leave your yard. Instead of using a traditional wood-burning fire pit, install a propane pit and dress it up with fire glass or stone.
  4. Bring in a splash of color. If you want to have some color in your yard, fill vibrant containers and pots with colorful floral arrangements. You can paint them different colors to bring in some life to the yard or match the color of the plant you pot in them. Marigolds, Dahlias, and Pineapple Lilies are great summer plants that are easy to maintain. Plus, they’ll look wonderful in your colorful pots!
  5. Go all in with a pool. If you have the space and the budget, make the ultimate upgrade to your yard by having a pool installed. Depending on the space you have to work with, you can opt for an in-ground or above ground pool. The most popular pools today are fiberglass pools since they are very durable, strong, safe and easy to maintain. No matter the shape or size, any pool will increase the market value of your home. The kids will love it, too!
  6. Add a water feature. Not ready for a pool? You can still add beauty and value to your backyard with a water feature like a fountain or pond.  These options are super easy to install and fairly inexpensive, depending on the size and styling that you’re looking for. There are hundreds of different designs you can choose from ranging from contemporary concrete to natural and earthy. No matter what type of water feature you choose, you can bet the level of luxury will increase ten-fold.
  7. Light it up. Good lighting can completely transform your outdoor space and add a touch of romantic ambiance to it. Many homeowners today opt for LEDs that are more expensive because they use much less energy and create a harmonious atmosphere. Incorporate LEDs through the use of hanging lanterns or small luminaries to light the pathways in your backyard.

Give your outdoor space a makeover with these great tips. For more backyard design ideas, contact Cheryl Smith, a Chatham, NJ interior decorator.

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