How To Create A Gallery Wall

Apr 21
gallery wall

Displaying your favorite artworks, family photos, and vacation mementos is one of the best parts of owning a home. Gallery walls give us the opportunity to inject our personalities into our homes in a creative and tasteful manner. Whether you want to recreate the feel of a swanky Chelsea gallery or simply have a serious collection of photos you don’t know what to do with, these 5 tips to create the perfect gallery wall in your own home!


  • Start with the wall. This might sound silly, but the art you display is only as good as the canvas it’s displayed on! Make sure the surface you plan to transform into a gallery wall is properly spackled, smoothed, and painted before hanging. Consider how the colors of the walls, frames, and art will interact in the space. For example, if your walls are already painted a bold color, opt for choosing art that is not too saturated with color, like drawings or neutral photographs.


  • Gather the art. Pick pieces that make you happy, add a pop of color to your room, and tie the room together. Want a streamlined look? Try an edition of prints from the same artist. Looking for something a little bolder? Mix together old and new pieces to create an eclectic look. Flea markets can be a great place to find cool and unique photos and prints. Something in between? Assemble pieces of the same color hue or style with one or two stand outs.


  • Frames, frames, frames. Frames can be just as influential to the overall feel of the gallery as the art itself. An improper frame is like a great outfit with the wrong shoes. Thoughtfully choose your frames. If the art is bold, try a set of subtle black, white, or wood frames. If the art is quiet, choose a collection of louder metallic or antique frames.


  • Measure twice, hammer once. Hanging art is all about the placement. Using a tape measure, approximate where your eye level is on the wall and mark it with a pencil. (If you are hanging over a sofa, allow for a six-inch gap between the art and the furniture. Use this mark as a guideline for where you want the centerline to be. Decide whether you are going to hang the frames in a nice even row, or cluster them in a playful group, and plan accordingly.


Sit back and soak in the hard work of hanging an exhibition in your own home. Invite some friends over for some wine and cheese, or just enjoy the new vibe of the space. For more interior decorating tips, reach out to Paula Tranfaglia,  a Damascus, MD interior decorator


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