5 Home Safety Tips for any Budget

Feb 10
home safety for any budget

Every home owner knows that home safety is important, but it often gets pushed to the wayside. This lack of awareness is one of the reasons why such a great number of accidents happens indoors. Whether it’s due to budget constraints or a simple lack of will, many homeowners neglect to ensure every aspect of their home is safe. Fortunately, there are plenty of smart tips and tricks you can rely on to enhance the safety of your home.

  • Conduct regular maintenance. Home maintenance is the mainspring of keeping your living environment safe and sound. Fixing issues as they arise can also save money in the long run and help avoid costly emergency services. What’s more, even simple malfunctions and problems are worth paying attention to, as they impede the safety of the whole family. Ensure that windows and doors lock tight; inspect the plumbing and electrical installations around your home; check the structural integrity of your foundation at least once a season. Make it part of your routine to do these checks so that it becomes habit and you can handle small problems before they become bigger ones.
  • Never play with fire. Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure to perform regular maintenance of stoves, space heaters, and fireplaces. Furthermore, solid particles and gasses affect indoor air quality and pose a serious threat to the health of the inhabitants. They disperse into the air easily in the wake of burning coal, oil, and fossil fuels as well as dry cleaning and painting. Act promptly and hinder the accumulation of airborne pollutants with air purifiers and good ventilation.
  • Stop slip-and-falls before they occur. Slips and falls account for a large portion of injuries and accidents, and seniors are particularly prone to them. Declutter your home to ensure the uninterrupted flow of movement and keep smaller objects clear of walkways and staircases. All rooms should be well-lit, whether by natural or artificial light. In kitchens, baths, and hallways, install small night lights to keep the areas illuminated at night. Prevent slip-and-fall accidents further by securing carpets to the floor and wipe up spills as they occur. In baths and showers, invest in a non-slip mat that creates a rubberized surface on your shower floor. These small precautions can prevent big accidents.
  • Do a sweep outside. Don’t forget to consider your yard when checking your home for safety. Dead foliage and plants can increase the chance of fire hazards, while unattended bushes provide cover for burglars. Trim them as well as any trees to deny robbers of this advantage. Also, use proper lighting solutions to illuminate the dark perimeter around the house to further deter burglars from making an attempt. If you have the room in your budget, have motion-sensor lighting installed. They are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in hardware stores and installed without the help of a professional.

Despite what some people assume, home safety does not have to cost a small fortune. A sound strategy that utilizes  budget-friendly tools can help you create a safer living space.

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